Monday, January 26, 2015

Vintage Girls: More than just makeup and pretty clothes!

Welcome to my little den in the web!

In this blog I will share with you recipes, DIY craft projects, art/poetry/photography, personal reflections and how to live and look vintage on a budget.  Which leads me to my first reflection...

With the ever increasing popularity of the 'rockabilly' style there are numerous vintage inspired clothing outlets cashing in on the large number of ladies seeking to move back towards a classic (albeit modernized), feminine style of clothing and makeup.  While the style is wonderful to see, I fear it is becoming simply that... a style... with admiration going to the girls who can afford the most clothes from PUG Clothing or Lindi Bop.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing in clothes from these companies (they have some absolutely gorgeous clothing!), we need to be careful that that isn't the only thing that defines us vintage girls.  

Of those of us that claim we are vintage girls and pine for a romanticized lost era (more discussion on that later), how many can cook a roast dinner?  How many have grown herbs or vegetables? How many have canned their own food?  How many have sewn their own clothes or created a stuffed toy by hand? How many bake their own bread the old style way, hand kneading the dough?

This is not an attempt to sneer at girls who cannot or have not done these things, there is nothing wrong with choosing not to. It is simply a call for people to expand their view of what it means to be a vintage girl beyond makeup and brand name clothing, to give the same respect to the rockabilly mothers who are so devoted to their families they don't have time or money to dress up and do their makeup each day as one does to the beautiful rockabilly ladies that can boast tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook. 

Vintage girls should (and I know they often do) support each other, encourage each other... not judge each other simply on looks. Young girls who seek out the vintage culture should find a level of feminism. Not the 'all men are evil' concept of feminism, but the idea that we are more than pretty clothes and makeup; let our skills and personality define us as much as our looks. 

I encourage you all to look at the other vintage girls around you and find something to compliment them on that doesn't involve makeup or clothing.

Until next time!


Vintage Fox